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West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terrier

About the West Highland
White Terrier

West Highland White Terriers are goofballs with dark and enchanting eyes. Their carrot-shaped tail
and cute height make them an all-time favorite among dog lovers. These are extremely playful and
courageous enough to tackle any unforeseen circumstances.

Moreover, West Highland White Terriers are alert and active. These dogs being independent are
hard to train. If handled with patience, they can be trained effortlessly.

More About This Breed​



Westie has its name from its places of origin in the British Isles. The West Highland White Terrier was called Poltalloch and Roseneath Terrier named after Colonel Pollatoch’s farm.

All the breeds came from common stock with different fanciers culling different colors. West Highland was bred as Vermin Hunters. They were known to hunt everything from fox to rats and still compete for dog trials and look for mice in the backyard.


West Highland White Terriers are small and stubborn. They are determined enough to box a fox if the need arises. This in turn means they are challenging to handle during training.

 Westies are required to be socialized at an early stage. The dogs are close to their roots of hunting and if provided ample exercise, they perform better. West Highland Terriers give stiff competition to other dogs in the lane when it comes to dog sports.

West Highland White Terriers share an aversion to being bullied and do not respond willingly to it. Pushing a Westie to that boundary can result in the occasional nip.

The dogs were bred for tenacity which works to their advantage when they plow underground in a game.  Yes, Westies like to dig. Which if done excessively, can pose a major problem for the owners.

Common Health Problems

West Highland White Terrier is prone to develop genetic issues even while having a hard and tough body structure. They have low genetic diversity owing to which increases susceptibility to genetic diseases. Health Insurance is strongly recommended for West Highland White Terrier. Some of the other diseases that affect the dog are :

For maintaining the health of your West Highland White Terrier make sure it gets plenty of fluids, regular exercise, scheduled examination, and timely vaccinations, medical tests, and procedures. The Pet health insurance will help you cover the costs.


West Highland White Terrier has a strong hunting body structure and thus requires Vitamins, minerals, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Amino Acids in a balanced proportion. The dogs have many skin conditions, hyperactivity, and poor coat quality.

Avoid foods that contain corn or wheat or are by-products of chemical preservatives. Include more cereals, soak the dry feed in water for 20 minutes, then it is mostly wheat and mushy.

Dairy products such as cheese and Yoghurt may cause intolerant dogs. The dog’s diet should not exceed 10% of the total human food.

Feeding westies, chocolate, and candies are a complete no. Excessive consumption of chocolate can be lethal for your dog.

Coat Color and Grooming ​

West Highland Terriers can be easily identified by their dense and harsh white coats. It is one of the most recognizable characteristics of pure white Westies. They should have a clear coat of pure white as a characteristic of Purebred Westies.

Exercise Needs

West Highland White Terrier needs an hour’s walk per day. It is a playful and energetic dog and thus providing a suitable atmosphere for sporty activities and exercises is an ideal thing to do. Stress upon ensuring the health of your pooch by introducing training, puzzle-solving, walking routine, and other games.

However, the exercise routine depends upon the height, age, weight, and fitness level. These dogs are often described as tireless when it comes to developing an exercise routine. Puppies don’t need many exercises.