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About Belgian Malinois

Often mistaken with German shepherd dogs, the Belgian Malinois has a similar body coat to that of the former dogs. They are one of the most alert breeds who qualify well as security dogs. In addition, these dogs have an undercoat that is weather resistant. 


However, this breed is very closely related to the German Shepard breed, which has been categorized into four different breeds. The sub-classified breed is Tervurens, Groenendaels and Laekenois, and the Belgian Malinois itself.

More About This Breed​



In the 19th century, all these four categories of the dog were bred, and hence, these dogs came out as a mixed breed. The main intention behind breeding these dogs was to develop a loyal character and a tough dog breed. 


They were first bred in Malines, and hence their name stands as Malinois. During World War 2, the breed was highly recognized because of its rugged nature. They were made to be the official security dogs for the police force. 


With a sudden decline in the public’s interest in this dog, the popularity of the Malinois reduced. But it suddenly grew again in 1963 when the dogs were being bred again due to their high demand.

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  • The Belgian Malinois is a very intelligent dog that needs a lot of exercise throughout the day. Without giving them their required amount of activity to shed their energy, they might turn aggressive and annoying. 
  • These dogs are very family-oriented and are very loyal to their owners. They are very active and love being around people. 
  • These Breeds of Belgian Malinois need extensive exercise sessions. It is vital for them to engage in activities that take place in big spaces like a ground or park. It is better to hire a professional trainer to train them.
  • These dogs can also qualify to become excellent police dogs. 
  • They love being around their owners and engaging in fun activities with them. As sturdy as they might look, they are quite goofy in nature.
  • The Belgian Malinois is actually a very alert breed that can sense danger from a distance. They always tend to pry on things they’re doubtful of. 

Common Health Problems

Otherwise, a healthy breed, it is quite rare when these dogs fall ill. However, just like any living being, they too have some common health problems,  but with proper diagnosis and good care, all these diseases can be avoided. 

Some common health problems surrounding Belgian Malinois are

  •    Hip dysplasia
  •     Elbow dysplasia
  •     Progressive retinal atrophy, which is a common eyesight issue in dogs
  •     Skin allergies

It is believed that with the progressing age, they tend to get weaker eyesight.


Though they do not need a very extensive diet, the quality of the food should be maintained. They should be given protein-rich diets, and the owners should not rely on canned dog foods.

Coat Color and Grooming ​

Since these dogs have a very fluffy and smooth coat, they do not need very extensive grooming. They just need a regular brushing of their coats and a timely bath. Because of their dense coat, it is better to brush them daily so that any additional dust comes off. 


Bathe them timely to keep their waterproof coat in its best condition.

Exercise Needs

They must be kept under several hours of extensive exercise. This helps them teach obedience and agility for work on a daily basis. If you feel it is safe to unleash them, do that and let them run around freely on the ground so that they do not feel stressed about being on a leash.

They must not be left alone with no exercise. This very thing would lead them to misbehave in later times.