Large Dog Crate

Large Dog Crate for Your Canine Friend

Summary: This article features everything you need to know about a large dog crate. Have a read to find out.

A large dog crate means it can fit in any breed of dog from Labrador to Saint Bernard easily. Dog crates are not just a luxury purchase but your dog’s own safe place and also helps in teaching them obedience.

 As a dog parent, you would want the best for your dog, be it food, toy, or their comfortable place.  However, you might have stuck at certain points, not knowing what to offer to your dog. And one such thing that can confuse is the large dog crate. The market has varieties of it, what should you pick then?

This article is to tell you about the best dog crates, their benefits, types, and more. Stay tuned.

What is a large dog crate?

Dogs are den animal by nature. That is why they often look for places in the home that could mimic a den, like tight areas or the beneath of chair and table. When such is the case, why not offer them something that could naturally fulfill this choice? Dog crates are an excellent solution for any breed and can benefit both you and your dog. It can help them in providing a safe and secure environment while speeding the house training.

Benefits of choosing a heavy-duty dog crate

Large dog crates are used in training your puppies. Have a look at some of the benefits:

  1. Providing a safe and comfortable space to your dog for sleeping or relaxing.
  2. Helping them to reduce the destructive behavior.
  3. Teaching them the importance of training and good behavior.
  4. Training them to rely on their comfy place.
  5. Giving them a feeling that they are not alone in the house at night.

Dog crate sizes

Now that you are familiar with the benefits of dog crates, let’s talk about the different sizes of dog crates.

1. Small dog crate:

Ideal for the smaller breed, this dog crate allows your pups to feel safe and secure especially when traveling. Make sure you choose a crate in which your dog can fit perfectly without having any discomfort.

2. Large dog crate: 

Important for larger breeds, make sure your dog is getting enough space to stand or sit properly.

Types of large dog crates

Dog crates are of different types.

  1. Metal dog crates:

These are also known as wired dog crates and are suitable for larger dogs. The durable material makes them withstand heavy dogs and more tear and wear. These dog crates are easy to carry; this makes them ideal for traveling.

  1. Wood dog crates:

 These dog crates are the best choice for home use. The material gives your dog a comfortable feel and is easy to work with. Wood crates also give your home an appealing look.

  1. Plastic dog crates:

 Due to the material, these dog crates are best for smaller dogs.  These are easier to handle and clean.

  1. Portable dog crates:

 Portable dog crates are designed in a way that you can easily carry them while traveling. These are not heavy and are strong enough to hold the weight of your bigger dogs too.

Our pick for best dog crates 

We have researched the best dog crates to give your canine friend the best experience. Here, take a look:

  1. Midwest Life Stages Large Dog Crate: 

This dog crate comes with a removable separator which lets you adjust the size of the crate as your dog grows from a puppy to a great big dog. You also get a single and double-door option here. The largest size in this crate is 121 cm, making it fit some of the biggest breeds.

  1. Unipaws Wooden Large Dog Crate:

If you are looking for a crate that goes well with your interior decoration, this stylish table-style dog crate could be your pick. This crate is suitable for medium-large dogs. The crate even comes with its mattress.

  1. Amazon Basics Travel Large Dog Crate:

This large dog crate can be used while going to a vet or to secure a comfortable spot when on car journeys.  It has plenty of ventilation and lets your dogs easily pop in and out of the crate.

  1. AVC Soft-Sided Large Dog Crate:

This crate can work as both your traveling crate and stationary crate. While traveling, it can carry a weight of 8 kg but when kept stationary, it can fit in much heavier dogs. It also has a warm fleece liner to make the crate comfortable for your dog; however it is soft-sided, so not recommended for sharp teeth.

  1. The Pet Store Premium XL heavy duty Dog Crate:

This heavy-duty dog crate has a dimension of 123*75*81. Having lockable doors on the side & roof, this crate is durable and will last long. It also has removable wheels for easy transportation and can be cleaned easily. 

To conclude

Large dog crates are a brilliant choice for your dogs to keep them comfortable and give them good training. If you are looking to buy a dog crate, go through our article first to have a more clear vision of the best products.