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Large Dog Crates: Benefits, Usage, and Best Crates for Dogs in 2021

“A lot of people relate crates to cages, but that could not be further from the truth,” says one expert. “Dogs are den animals and consider their box — their home — as a safe and warm sanctuary.”

A dog crate (dog cage) is a must-have item that serves multiple uses. At night, your dog, or puppy would appreciate a comfy spot to rest and sleep. Consider a crate to be your dog’s personal space.

It is a relaxing and restful environment. A dog’s natural instinct to seek a safe and secure environment can be satisfied by placing a crate in a quiet corner of the kitchen or family room.

As a result, the advantages of a dog cage or crate include: 

  • Offering a secure haven for your pet when necessary. You are limiting your dog for a period of time and in an atmosphere where it is difficult to make mistakes by giving a crate.
  • Allowing your puppy or dog to become accustomed to being alone, eating, sleeping, and chewing on appropriate objects.
  • Keeping your dog safe from harm, especially from accidents.
  • Crating your dog is a smart way to prepare for the practical truth that all household dogs will be left alone at times.

First and Foremost, What Constitutes a Large Size?

A “large” or “extra-large” dog has no universally accepted definition.

There is no recognized size range for phrases such as “huge,” “colossal,” “jumbo,” or “oh-my-god, how much does that dog weigh?” Everything varies wildly from one manufacturer, owner, breeder, veterinarian, and writer to the next.

However, for this article, we’ll keep things simple:

  • A large dog weighstoo-large more than 50 pounds (22.68 kg).
  • Extra-large dogs are those that weigh more than 100 pounds (45.36 kg).


When determining the right crate size for your dog, however, you should use linear measures.

Choosing the Right Crate Size for Your Dog

It’s not difficult to find the right crate size for your dog. We’ll go to work as soon as you get your dog and a tape measure.

  • Begin by getting your dog to stand.
  • From the tip of your dog’s nose to the base (not the tip) of her tail, take measurements.
  • To determine the right crate length, add 2 to 4 inches (10.16 cm) to that figure.
  • Next, have your dog sit (a dog’s head is normally the tallest while it is sitting).
  • From the ground to the top of her head, measure the distance.
  • To get the right height for the crate, add 2 to 4 inches (10.16 cm) to this amount.

These two measurements — the length and height of the crate — will be your guidance.

Most crates are made with proper length-to-width ratios, so you don’t have to worry about the width.

For example, if your dog is 38 inches (0.97 m) long and 30 inches (0.76 m) tall (sitting), she will require a 42-inch-long, 34-inch-high crate. In most circumstances, the length of the container will be the most important factor to consider while making your decision.

Crates that are 40 to 60 inches (152.4 cm) long are required for most large and extra-large dogs.

When choosing the right crate size, some sources advocate adding 4 to 6 inches (15.24 cm) to your dog’s length, rather than the 2- to 4-inch guideline we advise. 

This is OK if you want to increase the size of the cage a little, but keep in mind that giving your dog a too large crate is not a smart idea.

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Why Do You Need a Crate in the First Place?

Many owners consider crates to be optional, and if you put me in The Room of Absolute Truth, I’d probably agree. However, they are extremely important and are on the verge of being obligatory.

For starters, crates perform five critical functions:

  • They provide you with a location to keep your dog when you are not at home.

When left alone at home, many dogs become destructive. Others may rummage through the trash can, which could be dangerous (or unpleasant, depending on the garbage can he prefers).

However, if he’s kept in a secure box with a good chew toy, he’ll be quite quiet.

  • They provide a safe and secure environment for your dog to relax.

Nervous dogs enjoy the comfortable confines of a cave-like box because it satisfies their ancient love of small spaces. Crates are also useful for calming dogs who are terrified of pyrotechnics or thunderstorms.

  • They come in handy when you have visitors.

Exuberant dogs can be difficult to deal with for visitors, and even the best-behaved canines might get in the way when you’re entertaining guests. When you have guests over for dinner, though, crates provide a safe and cozy place to tuck your dog away.

  • They offer a space-saving location for their bed.

Most dogs love having a decent bed and a good crate

  • They are beneficial when it comes to housebreaking. 

Who can blame dogs for not wanting to crap or pee where they sleep?

As a result, they’ll rarely fit in a crate that’s the right size or not too large. Crates are excellent tools for teaching them basic poop procedures in your home.

Additional Benefits of Crate for Dogs

Even for dogs who do not require a crate for some usual reasons listed above, crates provide several other advantages.

  • It provides her with somewhere to go after dinner.
  • It comes in handy while bringing groceries in.
  • On vacation, travel-friendly crates are ideal.
  • It comes in handy when we’re undertaking something delicate or time-consuming.

Although they aren’t particularly typical situations, you’ll surely encounter them in your own life and find a crate useful. You’ll also discover that they come in handy in a variety of ways you never expected.

There’s little drawback to obtaining a crate for your dog when there are so many affordable, foldable ones on the market.

Benefits of Dog Crate for Pet Parent

Training in the House

A crate is a fantastic approach to start house training since it teaches the dog a routine. You can utilize the crate to exercise control over your dog’s activity patterns and discover a strategy to limit the amount of time your dog spends outside.


Your dog may become agitated or overly active at times, obstructing your path. You can put your dog in the crate during these times to help it relax from all the excitement.


Traveling with pets can be challenging since they may not be prepared to adjust to all the changes encountered. 

Your dog may relax in its crate while you travel with a travel kennel, and it will feel safe within its crate because it is a familiar place.

To Protect Your Dog’s Privacy

A crate will provide them with some solitude, protection, and a place to relax when they are having difficulty. 

It provides a safe haven for dogs when they are unwell or anxious, which is beneficial to the dog’s psychological well-being.

Controlling Bowels

If you choose the right crate size, your pet will not have any extra room to relieve itself. It will help your dog learn to regulate its feces, since it will not want to soil its crate and will thus wait until you allow it out to empty its bowels.


People tend to place the dog in another room when there is a lot of activity going on around the house to avoid the dog causing disruption. Due to its social nature, this might make a dog feel lonely and have an impact on its psychology.

A crate allows the dog to remain in the room with you while activities are taking place without feeling excluded.

How can I make my Dog like His Crate?

  • Don’t tuck your box away; it should be part of the household activity.

While in his crate, your dog will feel like he is a member of the family. This also allows your dog to become accustomed to household noises and activities without becoming stressed.

  • Make your box welcoming and uninviting.

When your dog isn’t in it, keep the crate door open and add some dog toys. This will make your dog want to enter the crate and make it a safe sanctuary for him.

  • Use dog treats to teach your dog or puppy to enjoy their crate.

As a result, don’t force or push your puppy into a kennel and expect it to be content. Your dog will approach the treats and try to open the door on its own. 

Allow your dog to eat the treat in his kennel, so he can quickly become acclimated to the crate if you follow the steps outlined above.


Crates or cages for dogs exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as a variety of materials. 

They are designed to resemble a natural dog’s cave, giving a safe haven for your dog whether it is relaxing at home or traveling to a new location.

The Wooden dog crates or furniture crates, plastic dog crates, and wire dog crates are the most prevalent types of crates on the market today.


The Wooden dog crates have the appearance of beautiful furniture and are a fantastic choice if you are fashion concerned or wish to utilize a crate as a piece of furniture.

They are difficult to clean, and their mobility is restricted due to their weight. The majority of dogs are likewise unresponsive to these crates.


  • You may choose from a variety of types and sizes, such as a crate that doubles as an end table.


  • They are more expensive than conventional crates, and they might be damaged if your dog chews and scratches items.
  • Wood also absorbs scents, giving it a dog-like odor.


These crates are made of soft mesh material or material with mesh-like characteristics.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are a popular choice among dog owners because they are inexpensive, easy to transport due to their low weight, and dogs quickly adapt to them.


  • They’re simple to utilize with your dog for aircraft travel because most airlines allow these types of crates in cabins.
  • They’re also straightforward to transport because they’re not too heavy, and they’re simple to store because they collapse.
  • The fact that most dogs adore these crates is a significant benefit.


  • They are made of a soft material that is not durable and is easily chewed by dogs.
  • They’re also difficult to clean, and they shouldn’t be used on puppies who haven’t yet learned to control their bowel motions.


Plastic dog kennels provide your dogs with greater privacy. They create a more “den-like” environment, which some dogs prefer to the openness of a wire crate.

Some dogs, however, can gnaw through plastic, so if you have a chewer, you may want to avoid using a plastic crate in this situation. The majority of plastic dog kennels lack a divider or a detachable floor pan.

These crates are more durable than soft-sided crates. However, they have limited ventilation, and you cannot put your dog in them for lengthy periods.


  • Because of the material used, they are easy to clean and give your dog the impression of being in a den.
  • Most airlines accept them, so you can take them with you when flying with your dog.
  • They’re also extremely tough and can’t be harmed by dogs.


  • They are heavy and difficult to store due to the lengthy process of dismantling them.
  • Plastic absorbs odor, so the cage will have a dog smell that won’t go away after a while, even if it’s easy to clean.


Wire dog crates have a lot of ventilation, allow for adequate air circulation, and keep your dogs cool. For peaceful moments or at night, you can cover the crate with a blanket or cover if necessary.

This will give your dog a more comfortable crate with fewer stimuli from the outside world. Wire dog cages may be helpful for some dog owners because they often come with a barrier that allows you to make the living space smaller or larger.

In this manner, you can choose a crate that will be big enough for your dog as he grows older but can still be divided into smaller sections for house training.

The majority of wire dog kennels can be folded effortlessly, making them ideal for travel. A detachable plastic floor liner is usually included with wire boxes to make cleaning easier.

These are made of heavy-duty metal wires and are great for dogs who like to chew on stuff because the wire crate cannot be damaged. They are extremely durable and give your dog a clear view of its surroundings.


  • They provide ample air circulation, allowing you to leave your dog in the crate for extended periods of time.
  • Because of their visibility, your dog is able to participate in family activities.
  • Heavy-duty wire crates from companies like Midwest are extremely durable because they can’t be chewed through and don’t absorb scents, so they’re free of dog odors.


  • The high visibility isn’t good for reactive dogs who can easily become worried, and their weight makes them difficult to transport.
  • Please keep in mind that the wire boxes are metal and may rust over time.

  • Crates that combine two or more items

These crates combine the benefits of both metal and plastic or wooden dog crates, and they are available in a variety of sizes.


  • They have easy-access doors and are built with wheels on the bottom to make moving easier.


  • They are difficult to assemble and transport.
  • Peace of mind is one of the advantages for you.


When you’re preparing to leave your dog alone in the house, you could have concerns like “what if the dog ruins your furniture?” or “what if the dog gets harmed while you’re not around to help?”

When your dog is safely contained in a dog kennel, you may leave the house knowing that neither your dog nor your home will be harmed while you are away.

The usage of a crate will help prevent your dog from developing negative behaviors that are potentially detrimental to it or your property. 

You can protect your dog from danger if you acquire the proper dog crate size for your dog.

Crate training a puppy gives owners more peace of mind and allows them to provide proactive puppy care, which promotes overall dog health and bring you ease.


Regardless of how big or tiny your dog is, you’ll want to consider a few key factors while making your decision. When looking for a high-quality container, keep the following in mind:

  • Material — as previously said, dog crates can be composed of metal or wire, plastic, or wood.
  • Portability — A lightweight, folding or collapsible dog kennel can be incredibly useful, practical, and portable. It allows you to safely visit friends with your dog while carrying the fold-up crate.
  • Size — Dog crates come in a variety of sizes, including small, medium, large, and even XL extra large dog crates. As a result, you should think about how you’ll use the crate before buying one, and then pick the right size for your dog.

Purchase a crate that can accommodate an adult dog of your breed standing up, turning around, and stretching out while lying down. The goal of offering the security of a lair is defeated if the dog crate is too large.

Your dog will be cramped and unhappy if it is too small.

Additional factors to consider while buying Dog Crate

  1. The Door Must Be Tightly Closed

Crates that don’t close securely are practically useless, so be sure the latches on whatever crate you choose are of high quality. However, be wary of crates with unusually large fastening mechanisms, as some dogs may learn to open the door on their own.

If your dog is prone to escaping, you’ll need a crate developed specifically for Houdini dogs, with two latches or more advanced locking mechanisms.

  1. There must be no sharp edges on the crate.

Rough or sharp edges can be found on some low-quality boxes, especially near the welded spots where two wires connect. Minor rough patches can be smoothed out with sandpaper or steel wool, but crates with major dangers should be avoided at all costs.

  1. While single-door crates will undoubtedly function, double-door crates are far more handy.

They not only give your dog two routes in and out, but they also give you extra placement options. You’ll be able to put the container against a wall without obstructing the only entry, for example.

  1. Accident Cleanup Is Easier With Removable Pans

Accidents will happen, whether they are tinkling or spilling water from a dish. Crates with removable litter pans, on the other hand, are significantly easier to clean. You won’t even have to take your pet out of the box.

Size-Related Concerns:

Large dogs provide a few particular issues in addition to the usual factors you should look for when choosing a crate. Choose a crate that has as many of the following characteristics as possible:

The Role of Wheels

Large containers are big and heavy, making them difficult to transport. As a result, versions with wheels should be given additional consideration, as they will be easier to move around the house when necessary.

Collapsible Crates

Seek for a collapsible crate if you plan on moving it anyplace or storing it while it’s not in use. It will definitely make your life easier.

The Use of Dividers 

Changing crates every so often can be a bit expensive, so Instead, get a crate that is appropriate for her mature size and utilize dividers to temporarily reduce the internal space.

You can remove the barrier as she develops to give her access to the full container.

Wire for large crates must be thicker.

When utilized in large crates, the wires employed in tiny crates may not be strong or rigid enough to maintain structural integrity. Large dogs also have more powerful jaws and teeth than smaller dogs.

As a result, you should always look for boxes with thick, robust wire (assuming you choose a wire-style crate — there are plenty of alternative options!).

Larger crates necessitate more robust hardware.

To prevent your dog from escaping her crate, the hardware used to lock it together will need to be quite heavy-duty. This comprises not just the corner connectors, but also the latches and hinges.

Popular Brands for Dog Crates

If you are looking for large crates for your furry friend and want to know what brand you should opt for, here is a list of brand suggestions that most popular and reliable:

  • Petmate 
  • Precision Pet Products 
  • Prevue Pet Products 
  • Richell Pet 
  • Petco 
  • Carlson Pet Products 
  • AmazonBasics 
  • ProSelect Empire 
  • Oxgord 
  • Aspen Pet 
  • Impact

The Top Five Large and Extra-Large Dog Crates

Now that you’ve learned about some of the most crucial features to look for in a crate, it’s time to make your decision. 

We recommend one of the six crates listed below, since they’re all high-quality and have gotten positive feedback from other big-dog owners.

1. Life Stages LS-1648 Single Door Folding Crate for X-Large Dogs

The Life Stages LS-1648 Single Door Folding Crate for X-Large Dogs is a super-heavy-duty crate that is designed to safely contain even the most stubborn dogs. It is one of the toughest crates available, making it a wonderful alternative for owners looking for an escape-proof crate for their large dog.


  • The Life Stages Dog Crate is the biggest seller in the market currently with a configuration that makes people happy.
  •  Assembling the crate is super easy and requires no tools during the process.
  • The crate has a door on one end that opens outwards.
  • Heavy-duty slide-bolt latch locks of the crate lock the door perfectly and keep the dog safely inside.
  • it has a durable design that will create a safe place for your dog while you are away.
  • It has patented round corner clips that reduce sharp points within the crate.
  • The crate includes a divider panel, dog tray, carrying handle and roller feet.
  • The excellent single door folding crate is 48L x 30W x 33H inches of dimension and is suitable for XL dog breeds.
  • It is available in Satin Black E-coat color.


  • The Life Stages Dog Crate is foldable and easy to store and carry.
  • Heavier gauge steel, wire design mess combine to make it one of the most escape-proof crates on the market.
  • Several owners said that this crate kept their dog from escaping, and provided ample space for them to lay inside comfortable.
  • Roller feet of the crate helps protect the floor from scratches.
  • The crate is on the less expensive side, making it quite budget-friendly.
  • The plastic pan beneath is removable that enables pet parents to clean the crate easily during an accident.
  • The divider panel allows you to adjust the size accordingly.


  • Some users reported that they found it hard to unfold.
  • The plastic liner inside may begin to wear off after a few months, if used roughly.

2. Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

The Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel is designed to meet the regulations set forth by most airlines for four-legged passengers, as the name implies. It’s also an excellent crate for everyday usage in the house, and the sturdy plastic sides may provide extra protection for frightened pups.


  • The Petmate Sky Kennel is made mostly of durable, high-quality plastic, yet it still has plenty of ventilation to keep your pet comfortable.
  • The front door, as well as the two windows on each side, is constructed of steel wire, while the back of the crate is perforated plastic.
  • For ultimate protection, the door has a vault-style latch and is secured in four locations.
  • The box is made up of two pieces that are fastened together by plastic wingnuts.
  • This means you can take the top off, invert it, and place it inside the bottom half to save room while transporting or storing it.
  • The Petmate Sky Kennel comes in six different sizes, ranging from 21” to 48” in length.
  • With the purchase of the kennel, you’ll also get a “Live Animal” sticker and two clip-on water dishes.


  • When flying with their pet, most owners said the Petmate Sky Kennel behaved admirably.
  • It kept several owners’ escape-artist pets contained, and most owners thought the interior to be extremely spacious.
  • It also appears to be simple to put together and take apart.


  • The crate handle has been reported to be problematic by a few owners, so be cautious when transporting it.
  • Some airlines require that crates be secured using metal hardware rather than plastic hardware (which is provided with this crate).
  • It is, however, simple to obtain some metal bolts and use them to replace the crate’s plastic hardware.

3. SportPet Designs Rolling Kennel

It is designed to comply with most airline restrictions, and the attached wheels make it even easier to push through the airport.


  • The SportPet Designs crate is easy to disassemble and store because it has four plastic walls and a two-piece take-down construction.
  • To comply with most airline restrictions, the connection hardware is made of metal.
  • A metal-wire window is featured on both sides and the back panel to give ample ventilation and allow your pet to look around.
  • To keep your pet safe, the door is composed of metal and has a one-piece design with a heavy-duty latch.
  • Four “Live Animal” stickers are provided, as well as a clip-on water dish.
  • The box comes with four swiveling casters that can be removed as needed.
  • To keep the kennel from rolling, two of the casters can be locked.
  • The gutter-style floor is another fantastic feature of the SportPet Designs Kennel.
  • Because the center of the floor is raised above the height of the edges, your dog will keep relatively dry if she has an accident or spills her drink.


  • While the SportPet Designs Rolling Kennel is designed for airline travel, it maybe is used at home.
  • Most owners said it was reasonably priced for such a high-quality kennel, and that it was secure and comfortable for their pets.
  • For many owners, the wheels were also a welcome upgrade.


  • While the majority of customers thought the SportPet Designs Kennel was a high-quality product, a few said the handles and wheels broke easily.
  • The majority of the other complaints were about one-time shipping, packing, or quality control issues.

4. Pet Homes in the Midwest

While 48-inch crates are plentiful, larger crates are typically harder to come across. The MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate “Ginormous” Crate, on the other hand, is one of the largest crates on the market, with enough room for most extra-large dogs.


  • The Midwest Homes for Pets Ginormous Crate is 54 inches (1.37 m) long, 37 inches (0.94 m) wide, and 45 inches (1.14 m) in height, making it suitable for most Great Danes, Irish wolfhounds, mastiffs, and other large dogs.
  • The Ginormous Dog Crate is a wire-style crate with special L-bars that keep the sides from bending out as some crates do.
  • The crate has two doors, one on the front and the other on the side, each with three heavy-duty latches.
  • It also comes with a retractable litter tray for quick and easy cleaning.
  • Although the crate isn’t strictly “collapsible,” it can be disassembled by removing the four drop pins that hold the corners together.
  • However, you’ll need assistance because the maker claims it’s too big for a single person to put together.


  • This is definitely the greatest option for owners of large dogs since it offers an almost unrivaled amount of space.
  • In fact, it’s probably overkill for dogs that are just “big.”
  • The majority of owners said it was of decent quality (as are most Midwest Homes for Pets crates) and safe.


  • The Ginormous Dog Crate worked well for most owners, but it did pose some issues, and many complained that it was difficult to move because it was so enormous and heavy.
  • If you live alone or have difficulty lifting or moving large objects, you should plan beforehand.

5. The Midwest Homes for Pets Ultima Pro li ss tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=ll1&tag=k9ofmine-20&linkId=ca7038ea0c7d52bab299b260

It’s safe enough to keep escape-artist dogs contained, and it’s available in a variety of sizes to accommodate a variety of huge and extra-large dogs.


  • The Ultima Pro is a wire-style crate made of the strongest and thickest wire used by Midwest Homes for Pets in any crate.
  • It has two doors (one on the front and the other on the side), each with two slide-bolt latches.
  • While the Ultima Pro is a durable container, it collapses rapidly and has a strong carrying handle.
  • It includes a huge plastic litter tray and a retractable divider, allowing you to alter the crate’s size as your dog develops.
  • The box comes with four rubber feet to protect your flooring, and the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty.


  • The Midwest Homes for Pets Ultima Pro was well-liked by most owners, who regarded it to be a good combination of strength, durability, and — because of its low price — value.
  • The thickness of the wire utilized in the crate was commended by several owners, making it an excellent alternative for escape-prone pets.


  • Some owners have previously expressed dissatisfaction with the crate’s hinges, but Midwest appears to have improved on the old design and introduced a new hinge style in their current boxes.

Side Note:

If your dog appears to be depressed or anxious when in the crate, provide it with a few toys to gnaw on or play with. Playing with toys is a sort of exercise that allows your dog to release any stress it is experiencing. 

It allows your dog to expend all of his stored energy, and we all know how wonderful a weary dog is. 

Its anxiousness will decrease, and it will maintain its fitness in the process. If a lot is going on around your dog, having a toy can help it stay calm by distracting it from the activities going on around it. 

The dog’s stress levels can be affected by the crate at times, so make sure to not put him in the crate all the time, moderation is the key!

It is crucial to verify the size that will work well for your dog because being in a small crate that prevents it from extending out can make it anxious.

Are Dog Beds Required?

You can put a dog bed in your dog’s crate, but it will depend on your dog’s personality. Some young puppies, for example, will require bedding because they are more likely to sleep well this way.

Others will tear up the bedding and cause shambles.

Start simple with something affordable before deciding on a dog bed for your dog. This allows you to determine whether or not your dog needs bedding.

Adult chewers don’t require additional padding and can get by without bedding in the crate for extra materials, which usually encourages further gnawing.

When it comes to senior pets and dogs who are in pain, bedding is essential. Get strong bedding for senior dogs, and waterproof bedding for elderly dogs that are more likely to dirty themselves.


We hope that this article provided you with comprehensive information about Large Dog crates and helped you find the right crate for your furry friend. Make sure to check out the best brands for dog crates and get your furry friend his own personal crate today.