How Much do Puppies Sleep

How Much do Puppies Sleep in Day and Night Time?

How much do puppies sleep? – On average, 18-20 hours a day. 

However, there are a few facts that you must know about puppy sleeping. A newborn puppy needs an average sleep of 22 hours but as he matures, the sleeping hour reduces to 15-20 hours a day. 

But why do puppies sleep so much? It is because the development of the brain and the central nervous system of your pup are dependent on his precious sleeping time. Also, sleeping can keep your puppy’s immune system functioning at its best. Without enough sleep, your puppy can become cranky, destructive and can expose himself to the risk of illness and infections.

How to get a puppy to sleep in the daytime?

  1. Let your puppy be undisturbed:

No matter how hard it is for you to resist cuddling him but you would not want your pup to be dependent on you for sleeping. Leave your puppy alone while he is sleeping but make sure to keep a check on him. As after waking, your pup will need to be taken outside.

  1. Show your pup the place to sleep: 

When your dog feels drowsy, move him to a quiet place, a bed, or a crate in the house. Teach him to recognize that place as his sleeping spot so that from next time, he himself knows where he should go for sleeping.

  1. Follow a schedule: 

Maintain a plan for puppy sleeping in such a way that the active time is followed by nap time. Your puppy can take a nap for 30 minutes to 2 hours, It’s normal. So, you need not to worry about it. Just make sure he gets a peaceful place for sleeping.

  1. Check for the overtired behavior:

I know you enjoy having fun with your puppy but it doesn’t matter how much fun you are having, you need to stop when your dog starts looking tired as too much stimulation and exhaustion can lead to certain troubles for both you and your dog.

How to get puppy to sleep through the night?

  1. Make the crate inviting for his sleep:

Instead of buying an expensive crate, try to make the simpler ones comfortable for your dog. Put some comforting pillow, blanket, and toys but make sure not to add anything that your dog can chew easily. You can also place the crate in your bedroom to make him feel close to you while at night.

  1. Make a bedtime routine:

If you make a fixed sleeping time for your puppy from the beginning, he will understand that night is for sleeping and won’t cause you much trouble. Also, restrict the intake of food and water of your puppy for 2 hours before bedtime.

  1. Be prepared for some interruptions: 

Just like human babies, puppies too need a lot of special care and attention for sleeping. It can be that your puppy is not ready to sleep at night or wants to go to the bathroom, so you need to stay cautious and alert for any of his activities. The best you can do is to put the crate in your bedroom to detect any activity he does at night.


 Invest now for a better pay-off in the future. Teach your puppy when and where to sleep right from the beginning. Invest time in making him understand what’s good for him and what’s not. Give him a treat every time he follows your command. 

Keeping a pet is not an easy decision. You have to give a lot to it. Hopefully, our article could ease some of your problems.

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