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Essential Details about Dalmatian

About Dalmatian

Dalmatians are a very loyal, loving, and playful breed of dogs that need intense care and training. Popularly known and infamous because of the film 101 Dalmatians by Disney, these sleek dogs are very athletic.

Their history goes back to hundreds of years when the breed has been used for many purposes other than just petting them.

More About This Breed​



Whenever we see Dalmatians, we think about Disney films and are always even more pleased to have this breed exist in this world. But, one surprising fact about the history of the Dalmatians is that no one knows for sure about their exact origin. 

Rumour has it that the Dalmatians were named after Dalmatia, which was a coast near Austria. These dogs were believed to be the descendants of the pointers. However, their origin is still much under the topic of debate. 

The breed gained popularity in the 1800s when the Dalmatians were used as coach dogs. They were used to trotting alongside carriages and horses to protect them and drive predators away. Not only this, but Dalmatians have been used as hunter dogs, circus performers, and much more over the years.

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  • Dalmatians are known for their playful nature, intelligence and sensitivity. They are loyal to their core and love to spend time with their favorite family member. 
  • As loyal as they are to their family, they may sometimes be aggressive and moody around children. But that would only last for a few seconds. They otherwise love to be around their families and small children. 
  • This breed can be an excellent watchdog because they are very intelligent. They can be easily trained and made challenging to increase security around the house. 
  • Dalmatians are at the peak of their energy levels all the time; some of them may be aggressive towards other dogs but reserved towards strangers, and others might be timid all the time. 
  • These dogs have excellent memory retention and can remember things for years. They especially remember being mistreated by people for a longer time.

  • Dalmatians love making friends and being around humans. If they are left alone for a more extended period, they might become aggressive, destructive, or highly depressed. 
  • This dog is not a loner and hence needs all the attention from its owner.

Common Health Problems

An otherwise healthy breed can face some health issues in its lifespan if not taken care of properly. The Dalmatians need enormous exercise to stay healthy. 

Another behavioral problem that the breed goes through is a communication problem. They tend to be aggressive and not communicate like the other dogs. This can, however, be treated by pepper therapy and training.  

Some of their common health issues are

  • Hip dysplasia (a condition resulting in dwarfism)
  • Chondrodysplasia (dwarfism)
  • Polyneuropathy (neurological disorder)
  • Cataracts
  • Osteochondritis
  • Luxating patella
  • Progressive retinal atrophy


These may cause weakness and lack of coordination in their body.

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The diet generally depends on the build and height of the dog. However, they need 1.5-2 cups of high-quality food that is rich in protein and nutrients. 

The food quality should be good, and the portions should be served depending upon how active the dog is. If the dog is very energetic, it would need more food. However, the lazy ones might have to settle for the lesser portion.

Coat Color and Grooming ​

The most fantastic catch about Dalmatians is their adorable spots. They have a white body in which dark brown or black spots are present. The spots are somewhat dollar-shaped or shaped like kidney beans.

They have a naturally short coat, but they shed a lot. The only grooming that they need is bruising the skins several times a day and timely bathing.

Exercise Needs

These dogs need an intense exercise session every day, and they need to be kept engaged in different activities. They are not suitable for flats because they always need plenty of space to move around.