can dogs eat cucumbers

Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers Or Is Cucumber Healthy for Dogs?

Can dogs eat cucumber? Cucumbers are an essential part of the human diet, from sandwiches to salads, cucumbers are a healthy and refreshing addition to many human meals. But what about the dogs? Can the same be said for dogs too? Let’s find out with this article.

Is cucumber safe for dogs?

Fortunately yes, sliced cucumbers are a great treat option for your dog. But like any other human food, you should try to give your dogs cucumber in moderation. On a hot summer day, cucumbers can keep your pet hydrated due to their high water content. The satisfying crunch and juicy texture of a perfectly ripe cucumber can be a great alternative for training treats too.

Is cucumber healthy for dogs?

Certainly! Fresh cucumbers contain 96% water and are the best option to keep your dog hydrated on a summer day. They also contain Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Potassium, Magnesium, and other essential components of a healthy canine diet.

However, you must avoid pickled cucumber for dogs. As these pickled cucumbers or other pickled veggies are packed with salt and also contain other toxic ingredients like garlic and onion, so these must not be given to dogs.

Therefore, skip the pickles and stick to fresh vegetables only.

Serving ideas

  • You can combine peeled, chopped cucumber with chunks of celery, pear, and cantaloupe for a refreshing dog salad dish.
  • Remove the seedy center of cucumber slices and stuff it with peanut butter or cream cheese.
  • Use small pieces of cucumbers as low-calorie training treats.
  • Freeze chunks of cucumbers for a teething treat for your puppy.
  • Add cucumbers to the regular food of your dogs.

When is cucumber bad for dogs?

Picked cucumber, like said above, is not safe for your dog’s health. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is, no matter how much your dog enjoys this healthy vegetable, make sure he is not overeating it. If your dog overeats cucumber, he may upset his stomach and face several gastrointestinal issues like vomiting, nausea, improper digestion, etc.

So, it is important that you follow the 90-10 rule here also, i.e., your dog diet should comprise 90% of the actual dog food and 10% of other treats. This way your dog can enjoy the healthy treats without upsetting his stomach.

How to introduce cucumber to a dog’s diet?

When feeding cucumber to your dog the first time, make sure you are giving him smaller chunks and in less proportion. Monitor his reaction after eating the cucumber. If your dog behaves normally, you can feed him cucumber but in case, you notice any change in his behavior, consult your vet.


Can dogs eat cucumbers? Yes, cucumbers are safe and healthy for your dogs to eat. Unlike other human food, cucumbers don’t possess any health risk on dogs and also make up for a tasty treat.

Just make sure to cut small slices of cucumber before giving it to your dog as the larger slices or a whole cucumber can cause a choking hazard to dogs.