Can Dogs Eat Cherries

Can Dogs Eat Cherries Or Are Cherries Bad for Dogs?

Can dogs eat cherries? The simple answer is no, dogs should not have cherries, even if your dog would have eaten cherry in the past and felt fine afterward. Many foods are safe for your dogs to consume and as a pet parent, time and again you would have shared your food with your four-legged friend. 

While cherry holds too many benefits for humans, it isn’t truly the case with dogs. We will discuss it in detail here. So, keep reading!

So, Can dogs have cherries?

Cherries contain Vitamin A and C, antioxidants, and fibers which may be beneficial to your dog. While the flesh isn’t toxic to your dog but the other parts can cause some fatal issues. If your dog eats one or two cherries, it’s fine but if you are thinking to feed him more, you need to be extra cautious as there may be some serious troubles. Let’s know about it more in the next section.

Are cherries bad for dogs?

Other than the flesh, cherry has pit, stem, and leaves. All of these contain cyanide which may be toxic to your dogs and can even cause poisoning if consumed in larger quantities.

Cherry pits can also cause intestinal obstruction in dogs that can lead to some nasty complications. If not the pit, the fruit can still cause gastrointestinal problems. So, is it worth feeding your dogs cherries when the risks are more than the benefits?

What are the potential risks when dogs eat cherries?

The risks associated with cherries outweigh the benefits. Have a look here:

  1. High sugar: Dogs love sweet flavors and that is probably the reason why your dog enjoys having cherry but you must know that the sugar content in cherry is very high as much as 18 grams of sugar per cup of the whole cherry. This definitely is a high number and can lead to diseases like obesity and diabetes, making it our first reason, why should not be offering cherry to your dog. 
  1. Toxins in the seeds and stems: Like said before, cherry stems and seeds are toxic to your dogs as they contain cyanogenic glycoside, commonly known as cyanide which when released in the dog’s digestive tract may lead to fatal issues. 
  1. Intestinal obstruction: Cherry pits and stem when going through the dog’s digestive system as a whole can cause intestinal blockage.
  1. Rotting fruit can get your dog drunk: This might come as a surprise to you but consuming rotting, fermenting fruit from the ground can give your dog an alcohol buzz. Alcohol certainly is bad for your dog.
  1. Tooth damage: Cherry pits are hard. Your dog can damage her teeth and cause herself a lot of pain when trying to chew them.

Symptoms to look for when dogs eat cherries

If your dog has eaten cherries, always be alert and look for the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Bright red gums
  • Dilated pupils
  • Can even lead to shock in some cases

If you stumble upon any of these symptoms, immediately consult your vet.

What are the safe alternatives?

You know about the risks. Now let’s see if there are any healthy alternatives to cherries. 

There are many other human foods available out there which is safe for your dogs like pineapple, avocado, banana, celery, and more. Though these are rich in healthy nutrients, you should still offer these foods in moderation to your dog. 

Your dog can get all the essential nutrients from dog foods. Rest anything should just be added as a treat to his diet.

Conclusion- Are cherries good for dogs?

Now that you know about the problems cherry can cause in your dog, would you still consider giving it to your dog? Well, you should not. Dog’s immune system and digestive system are different than humans. So, if something is beneficial to you, it might not be the case for your dog.

Always be extra cautious when feeding your dog anything apart from their natural diet. Hopefully, this article would have helped you in knowing- can dogs eat cherries? 

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