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The 10 Best Outdoor Dog Beds in 2021

An outdoor dog bed is a must when you are thinking of traveling with your dog. Not only will it keep your dog comfortable, but can also protect him from insects. However, if you look around you may find plenty of outdoor dog bed options available in the market. In such a case, it might become difficult for you to choose the best one.

In this article, we are going to talk about outdoor dog beds in detail. We have also made a list of our top picks. Have a look here.

What to look for in a good outdoor dog bed?

Here are the most important things to be considered before buying a new outdoor dog bed:

  • Size: 

You should consider the size of your dog before buying an outdoor dog bed. Make sure that the bed you are buying can fit your dog easily without any of their body parts touching the ground. While traveling, make sure that the bed can fit easily inside a travel carrier.

  • Portability:

The portability of the dog bed depends on the type of travel you are doing. Depending upon the space and weight issues, there are many types of dog beds available like folding dog beds or a roll-up bed. An elevated cot is also a nice option.

  • Comfort:

A comfortable dog bed should be thick enough to protect your dog from a hard floor. The thicker the bed, the more comfortable it should be.

  • Durability:

The best outdoor dog bed is the one that saves you from getting it replaced time and again, especially if your dog is a bed chewer. Whether you would be flying with the bed or camping with it, the dog bed needs to withstand the wear and tear of the travel.

  • Slip-proof:

This feature is important if you are going to use the bed on hard floors. It will prevent your dog from slipping when they get in and out of the bed.

  • Water resistance:

The outdoor dog bed should be waterproof. If you are going backpacking or hiking with your dog, then having a water-resistant bed is a good choice.  

  • Washability:

Having a washable dog bed can make things easier for you. Even if it’s not machine washable, make sure you can wash it with your hand to avoid any health-related problem.

A Glance at the Best Outdoor Dog Beds

  1. SUPERJARE Outdoor Dog Bed:
  • Dimension- 4 foot * 9 foot
  • Is covered.
  • Is 9 inches off the ground.
  • Can hold weight up to 120 pounds.
  1. Coolaroo Elevated Dog Bed:
  • Is light in weight.
  • Easy to clean.
  • On-budget.
  • Mold and mildew resistance.
  1. PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed:
  • Has a removable cover for cleaning.
  • Is water and tear-resistant.
  • Has 4-inch-thick memory foam.
  1. K&H PET Outdoor Dog Bed:
  • Has a washable cover.
  • Comes in large size.
  • Can easily be assembled.
  • Is waterproof.
  1. Veehoo Outdoor Elevated Dog Bed:
  • Can hold up to 150 pounds.
  • Is light in weight.
  • Has tool-free assembly.
  1. SUPERJARE Outdoor Elevated Dog Bed:
  • Is easy to clean.
  • Is 8-inches above ground.
  • Has a powder-coated steel frame.
  1. Pet Craft Supply Water Resistant Bed:
  • 4-inch-thick padding.
  • Can be washed by machine.
  • Is water-resistant.
  1. EMME Padded Pet Bed:
  • Comes in several sizes.
  • Is machine washable.
  • Is made up of breathable material.
  1. Majestic Outdoor Round Pet Bed:
  • Comes with a removable cover.
  • Made up of tough polyester.
  1. Cheerhunting Outdoor Dog Bed:
  • Is made up of high-quality Oxford material.
  • Has a washable cover.
  • Comes with cotton stuffing.


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What is the need to buy an outdoor dog bed?

There are plenty of reasons to buy an outdoor dog bed. You may find your dog lying on the ground which is quite rough and uncomfortable. In the summer season, the ground is heated making it impossible for your dog to lie down. Having an elevated dog bed can offer your dog a comfortable spot to enjoy the cool breeze.

Besides, even if your garden is grassy and shaded, you should still get an outdoor dog bed as the presence of dirt particles can affect your dog’s health.

Hence, it is a great idea to buy an outdoor bed for your dog to keep him healthy and clean. An outdoor dog beds prevents the entry of insects like ants into his fur. Also, sleeping on a hard floor can impact the joints, ankles, and other body parts of your dog.

Therefore, you must buy an outdoor dog bed to save your dog from the pain and discomfort of sleeping.


Finding the right dog bed is a daunting task. Hopefully, our guide will help you find what you are looking for. In case of any query, drop a mail to us or drop a comment in the comments box. We will get back to you soon.