Best Dog Toys for Pit bulls

Best Dog Toys for Pit bulls

The American Pit bull Terrier is a fun and energetic dog that needs a lot of physical exercises. And as much as you wish, you cannot spend 24/7 playing with them. And this is where we introduce to you toys for Pit bulls.

But you can’t just give your Pit bull any toy. The best Pit bull toys are tough, durable, and fun to play with. They need to stand up to the strong jaws and keen chewing of Pit bulls. Also, your pup is likely to play with them only when the Pit bull toys can keep them interested.

Before moving ahead, have a look at things you should keep in mind while picking toys for Pit bull.

Factors to consider while picking Pit bull toys

Finding the best pit bull toys can be a tricky task when you have thousands of options available online. However, to find the best dog toys for pit bulls, you have to get a few things cleared first.

  • Type of play: This is the first thing you need to consider before buying Pit bull toys. Identify what type of things keeps your pit bull puppies interested. Whether he plays more with rubber rings or balls or other stuff, you need to work first and foremost on this.
  • Durability: This one is a tricky consideration. How do you know the pit bull dog toy is going to stand the heavy jaws of your pit bull until he destroys it? Advice is to buy a toy that’s heavy and tough. The price might be a bit high but can save you from buying pit bull toys again and again.
  • Material: Durability and material goes hand in hand. If it’s not the right material, it won’t be durable. Pit bull puppies are adventurous dogs and need to be kept engaged with the right kind of toys. Generally, toys for Pit bull are made with three materials-
  • Rubber: Rubber is ideally the best option. Being tough, it takes a lot to chew it and can be fetched and rolled in the mud. Therefore, it can keep your dog engaged and along with feeling good on his teeth and gum.
  • Rope: For pit bull puppies who love to play tug of wars, rope is the best choice. It is strong, durable, and can last long.
  • Nylon: Nylon is just a substitute for rubber and rope for dogs who aren’t power chewers. In such a case, nylon is the product you should give to your puppy.
  • Size: Pit bull being a medium-sized dog needs pit bull toys of medium size. The wrong or small size of toys can cause a choking hazard as he will swallow it the whole. Always match the measurement and dimensions of the toys with your pit bull pup before buying.

Quick picks: Best toys for pit bulls

Pit bull toys are ruling in large numbers on the Internet. Picking up the best can be a tough task. But you don’t have to worry.  Just keep scrolling through our guide and you can find different types of toys to pick for your pit bulls.

  1. Treats & stuffing: These types of toys are considered best for keeping your dog engaged. You can fill these with treats or paste for hours of amusement for your dog.
  2. Pit bull chew toy: If your dog is in a habit of chewing stuff, you should go for this type. These toys are made in a way to keep up with the strong jaws and teeth of pit bulls for a long time.
  3. Water toys: What better it is to have a toy that can be used by your pup in water. These toys will not only entertain him but will help you in keeping him clean.

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Keeping your pit bull safe: Safe use of pit bull dog toy

Toys surely can keep your pit bull puppy engaged and entertained but it is important to keep a few safety guidelines in mind:

  • Similar to humans, dogs take some time to adapt with new things. Therefore, before leaving your dog alone with the toy, you first need to see how well the dog can handle the toy and vice versa.
  • You must not keep any broken toy in range with your dog as it may harm him. Immediately replace the broken toy with another new one. 
  • Dogs are in a habit of chewing or eating. Your dog can misunderstand toys of smaller size as dog food and swallow it. Avoid small sizes of toys.
  • Some toys come with cues or colors that indicate the time when toys need to be replaced. Always pay attention to such signs and replace the toy.

To conclude

Dog toys are not luxury but an essential element to keep your pup physically and mentally stimulated throughout the day, and will keep him entertained when you won’t be having time to play with him.

 Made up your mind with the best pit bull toys? Have you found your pick yet? In case you still have queries to be answered, consult thedogcare.