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Best Dog Toys for Pit bulls

Best Dog Toys for Pit Bull: Top Curated List

Pit bulls are one of the most misunderstood dog breeds around. While pit bulls are certainly powerful and sometimes dangerous when untrained, when properly trained, they may be as calm as cats, seeking stroking and cuddling rather than trouble.

Pit bulls are a charming and energetic breed that make excellent companions, despite their controversial reputation. 

Owners risk their pit bulls chewing anything and everything in sight if they are cooped up inside or left alone for too long.

Pit bulls have a reputation for being destructive and too energetic, but the correct toys can help with a lot of undesired behavior. Unfortunately, pit bulls aren’t particularly kind to their toys either, which necessitates the owner purchasing a new toy every few days.

Because pit bulls are strong dogs who enjoy chewing, they require toys that can withstand their strength while also being appropriate for their size. These toys should be safe and sturdy, with no parts that could be broken off, eaten, or choked on by a pit bull.

The more challenging the toy, the better!

Toys for Pit bulls include long-lasting solid rubber toys, treat concealing toys, thick ropes for tug of war, and chew toys, to name a few. Toys for pit bulls should be both stimulating and long-lasting.

If you are struggling to find the right toy for your little Pit Bull,  we’ve compiled a list of the Best Dog Toys for Pit bulls. So, you can avoid combing through unsuitable and fragile toys and instead focus on those made for real hardcore chewers.

But, before we get to the list of the Best Dog toys for Pit bulls, let’s go over some fundamental questions that will help you choose the perfect chew toy for your Pit bull.

Pitbull dog toys

What to Consider when you’re Shopping Chew Toys for Pit Bulls?

When searching for chew toys for pit bulls, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Durability:

The quality of the toy and what other users have to say about its predicted lifespan are by far the most essential factors to consider. If you own a pit bull, you know how easy it is for their powerful, huge heads and vice-like teeth to destroy most standard dog toys.

Many of the toys we’ll be looking at today are made for dogs that weigh up to 120 pounds.


  • Pieces are unlikely to splinter:

Given the strength of your pit bull’s jaw, it’s best to stay away from any toys made of brittle plastic that might break when he eats.

  • Materials that are safe to eat:

Because your dog will be putting this in his mouth, it’s critical to double-check the materials. Check for BPA, phthalates, and other pollutants that are dangerous to dogs.

  • Price vs. performance: 

When searching for dog toys, you should consider more than simply the price. After all, a cheap dog toy for your pit bull isn’t inexpensive if he destroys it the first time he plays with it! Instead, consider the entire value for money.

  • Is it possible to stuff the toy with food?

You can load kibble, snacks, or dried dog food into several of these toys. If you need to leave your dog unsupervised for an extended amount of time, this is the best option.

You’ll not only provide him with something to keep him cognitively busy while you’re gone, but you’ll also encourage him to eat his treats more slowly throughout the day. 

Why Should you get Your Pitbull Toys?

Toys are essential for almost every dog breed. However, there are a few things you need to think about for your pit bull’s brand.

The Pitbull is a one-of-a-kind dog. If you’re caring for your first Pitbull, you might not realize that the dog we term a “Pit bull” might be any of the variegated breeds!

The American Pit Bull Terrier is the only dog breed that is officially classified as a true “pit bull” at this time. However, many dogs today have pit bull DNA as a result of crossbreeding, which is often done without the goal of doing so (dogs will be dogs).

As a result, a dog can appear to be an authentic American Pit Bull Terrier while not actually being one! Aside from breed peculiarities, the Pitbull dog breed has a strong energy level. This dog isn’t a couch potato in the least!

Your bully will be compelled to run, play, chew, tug, and possibly even swim! An active Pitbull is the happy Pitbull. And the greatest toys for pit bulls are essential for this!

dog toys

What Toys are Best for Pit Bulls?

Every dog is unique, and different types of toys appeal to different dogs. Pit bulls, in general, require stronger toys than most dogs due to their strength and tenacity in play.

Not all dogs will enjoy or require the most abrasive products. After you’ve brought your puppy home, try out a few different things to see what he enjoys.

That’s fantastic if he likes them all! If not, figure out which one he prefers and concentrate on that in the future.

Are there any Great Dog Toys for Pit Bulls that are Entirely Indestructible?

Regrettably, no.

No dog toy is indestructible, and if you find that the toy is beginning to break down, you should replace it right away. Choking hazards can be present in broken toys. If your dog is a heavy chewer, he may need to go up a size or two to make it last a little longer.

Is One Toy Sufficient, or Do you Require More?

While one good toy is preferable to two low-quality toys, we recommend acquiring a few tough toys for your dog. Pit bulls are highly bright canines who will become bored if they are only given one to play with.

Purchasing at least two or three will stimulate his brain and keep him from getting into mischief. To keep his attention aroused, we recommend switching his toys throughout the week.

  Pitbull dog toys

Is it True that Some Toy Materials are Hazardous?

The majority of dog toys are safe, especially if purchased from a respected internet market or retailer. Some, on the other hand, have been discovered to contain significant levels of toxins that can be dangerous to your dog if consumed.

Read the description carefully and look for words like “100% natural rubber,” “polyester,” and “nylon.  Look for latex-free and BPA-free toys.

Why do Pit Bulls rip up Their Toys?

Most of the time, though, it is just because they enjoy playing and are having a good time. They’re also quite strong and stubborn, which means they’ll play for hours.

If your dog is a chewer, seek for toys that are built to last. They may be a little more expensive, but they may keep him from chewing up all of your belongings. As a result, it will be less expensive in the long run.

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What to do If a Pit Bull Swallows his Toy?

First and foremost, don’t be alarmed. Analyze the scenario and figure out what’s going on. Is your dog having trouble breathing or displaying signs of distress?

If he is, you must take him to the veterinarian right away.

It’ll probably be fine if he isn’t, and he’s sitting there wagging his tail, wondering why you’re fussing. Over the next three days, keep an eye on him and his poop.

He should be able to pass it if he has swallowed smaller toy bits. If you’re unsure, contact your veterinarian for guidance.

dog toys

Best Dog Toys for Pit bulls

Now that you’ve laid the groundwork, you should have a good notion of what to look for when shopping. So, let’s get started in your search for the finest pitbull toy, saving you money and time. Here’s a rundown of the best chew toys for strong chewers.

1. KONG Tires Extreme Dog Toy


KONG Tires Extreme Dog Toy


  • Rubber
  • 44 pounds
  • 5 x 4.5 x 1.5 inches

Kong tires are known to have been producing excellent dog toys and accessories for over 40 years

This toy provides an energetic chewing experience for dogs who chew vigorously, allowing them to have plenty of stimulation without the risk of splinters splintering and hurting their teeth.

This toy may also be easily loaded with your dog’s favorite treats on the inside. To make him go crazy, smear some peanut butter on his face or stuff some kibble and goodies inside. If you need to leave your dog unsupervised at home for several hours, this is a perfect solution.

This is the medium/large size of the toy, which is recommended for dogs weighing 15 to 65 pounds.

Look no further if you have a hyperactive pit bull and are seeking a fun toy that can also double as a treat dispenser.


  • Active chewing for your pit 
  • Unbeatable brand legacy 
  • Money-back guarantee


  • The sizing isn’t accurate.

2. Nylabone Wishbone Power Chew

Nylabone Wishbone Power Chew


  • Nylon
  • 22 pounds
  • 6 x 0.8 x 5.75 inches

Nylabone is a well-known brand that sells a wide range of dog products and accessories, including this chew toy that’s ideal for pit bulls.

This is the larger version of the toy, which is designed for dogs up to 35 pounds. There are many beefier toys on our checklist if your pit is bigger than this.

This toy is infused with a natural flavor that your dog will love, and the flavor should last the life of the toy.

There are lots of ridges along the toy’s length to provide something for your dog to chew on without breaking sections of the toy off.

The design is extremely gentle on your furball’s gums while encouraging good oral care.

This is the obvious choice if you need a long-lasting chew toy that can withstand a lot of damage from your pit bull.


  • Designed for dogs up to 35 pounds 
  • Natural flavor your dog will enjoy 
  • Ridged to encourage oral hygiene


  • Difficult if your dog isn’t a chewer.

3. West Paw Zogoflex Durable Dog Chew

West Paw Zogoflex Durable Dog Chew


  • Zogoflex
  • 55 pounds
  • 3 x 1 x 1 inches

West Paw offers a wide range of dog toys and accessories manufactured of Zogoflex, a durable and pet-safe material.

This toy is not only recyclable and latex-free, but it also comes with a strong warranty.

This floatable water toy is one of a variety of chew toys that works well if your dog chews furiously and destroys any lightweight toys that come his way.

The bouncing ball can be used both inside and outside of the water. You must choose the tiny size if you wish to use this ball with a conventional ball thrower.

The only issue with this range of toys is that they are more expensive than many similar competitors.


  • Proprietary and food-safe material 
  • Fits in an ordinary ball thrower 
  • Floatable and dishwasher-safe 


  • Expensive
  • Performance and Lifespan is not so great when compared with competitors

4. Goughnuts Virtually Indestructible Dog Toy

Goughnuts Virtually Indestructible Dog Toy


  • Rubber
  • 3 pounds
  • 11 x 2 x 2 inches

It is excellent if you have a huge breed or a really large pit bull that weighs up to 120 pounds.

Canine jaws are so strong that even the most aggressive chewers appear to be able to get through anything. This rubbery gem from Goughnuts, on the other hand, is a close second.

Even if your dog is prone to ripping toys apart, he could find a match here.

This toy is made of the same rubber that is used in spaceships and airplanes.

This should give you a good idea of how long-lasting this material is.

If you have any problems with this item, all you have to do is contact customer support and ask for a refund or replacement.


  • Suitable for dogs weighing 60 to 120 pounds 
  • Made of a special rubber used by astronauts 
  • Comes with a 100% lifetime warranty for peace of mind


  • It’s too big for tiny dogs.

5. VANFINE Dog Squeaky Toys


VANFINE Dog Squeaky Toys


  • Rubber
  • 9oz
  • 7 x 3.6 x 3.2 inches

This is an excellent choice for pit bull owners with less violent canines in the house.

This is still a tough toy that won’t break at the first sign of your dog’s teeth bothering it.

Nonetheless, it’s soft and elastic, making it a fun experience for your pet.

If you can incorporate this into your dog’s daily routine, he will benefit in terms of dental hygiene and gum health, as with all toys of this type.

Even if you aren’t at home with him, you will benefit from knowing he is mentally active.


  • It’s non-toxic and dishwasher safe, and that it promotes good dental health. It also comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee.


  • It’s not the most durable toy.

6. Goughnuts Virtually Indestructible Dog Ring Toy

Goughnuts Virtually


  • Rubber
  • 9 pounds
  • 5 x 1.75 x 4.5 inches

This is a ring-shaped chew coated toy in hard-wearing rubber.

This chew toy comes in four different colors, each representing a different level of hardness.

This is the medium size, which is suitable for dogs weighing 30 to 70 pounds.

The only serious complaint we heard from a huge number of mostly delighted consumers was about an 

A harsh rubber odor has been reported by a few people.

This toy’s design is durable enough to withstand intense biting from even the most ferocious pit bulls.

This US-made toy also comes with a lifetime warranty, so you don’t have to take their word for it when it comes to its indestructibility: they put their money where their mouth is.


  • This toy is available in four sizes to meet your needs 
  • It is suited for dogs weighing 30 to 70 pounds 
  • It comes with a no-questions-asked lifetime warranty


  • The strong odor of raw rubber.
  • It may allegedly have a bitter flavor

7. Goughnuts Virtually Indestructible Dog Stick Toy

Goughnuts Virtually Indestructible Dog Stick Toy


  • Rubber
  • 3 pounds
  • 2 x 1.75 x 1.6 inches

The robust and amusing stick from Goughnuts is another terrific and nearly unbreakable dog toy.

Instead of a stick brought in from outdoors with sharp edges that could hurt your dog’s gums, this rubber alternative is safe for even the most aggressive chewers to play with.

This is the largest size in the series, and it’s made for dogs weighing between 60 and 120 pounds.

Even if you have a large pit bull, you should find that this toy lasts a long time.

Because the rubber utilized in construction is the same as that used in aviation and spacecraft, you’ll obtain an unequaled lifespan, even if your dog is a rambunctious one.

This rubber stick can be used for a variety of training applications, providing excellent value for money, exceptional durability, and something to keep your dog entertained for hours.


  • Maxx size is suited for dogs weighing 60 to 120 pounds
  • Natural rubber is reinforced and used by astronauts 
  • Multipurpose training tool


  • The toy is really hefty.

8. Nylabone Durachew Chicken Chew for Dogs

Nylabone Durachew Chicken Chew for Dogs


  • Nylon
  • 12oz
  • 7 x 5.5 x 1.3 inches

This nifty chicken chew from Nylabone comes in one of the best dog toys for pit bulls.

You may give your dog an intensive chewing experience even if he is a fierce pitbull with iron jaws thanks to the wonderfully durable nylon that comes with the backing of veterinarians.

All of the dinosaur body parts have a texture that encourages aggressive chewing.

Using the toy can help your dog’s gums stay healthy while also reducing plaque buildup on his teeth.

The toy is flavored with chicken and should last a long time, offering your dog a wild treat while keeping him engaged and fostering good dental care.

In a sea of good user feedback, the only genuine flaws we discovered were some lukewarm responses from customer service.

Apart from that, the Nylabone is a fantastic addition to any pet owner’s home.

It will be appreciated by your dog!


  • Active tooth and gum cleaning 
  • Fun dinosaur shapes 
  • Made from vet-recommended nylon 


  • Customer support might be hit or miss

Conclusion: Best Dog Toys for Pit Bull

Pit Bull is a perfect best friend to you, And what better way to show him how much you care than by buying him a bunch of toys that are just as awesome as he is?

We produced this guide since we understand how difficult it may be to select a toy for your Pitbull. It’s especially important if you want it to endure more than a few minutes.

We hope that you made up your find and found the perfect chew dog for your awesome Pit Bull. If you are still contemplating the need of buying a chew toy for your Pitbull, then remember this:

  • Toys for dogs aren’t a luxury; they’re a requirement, especially for the pocket-rocket interactive Pitbull.
  • They can keep him physically and cognitively busy throughout the day and entertain him when you don’t have time to play.
  • They’re also useful for keeping him from harming furniture and shoes.
  • It will increase your friendship tenfold if you play with him.

There is no harm and only benefits of choosing a chew toy and surprising your Pit Bull with it. Not only will he be happy, but will love you more.

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