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Bernese Mountain Dog

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Bernese Mountain Dog

About Bernese Mountain Dog

The Berners, as these breeds are affectionately called, are one of the most gorgeous-looking dogs. Their tricolor coat and furry body are something that mesmerizes everyone. 

Believed to have originated from Switzerland, these charming dogs are suitable for substantial work. In fact, heavy work makes them happy. These dogs were initially bred to assist the farmers with their cattle. 

They’re very protective of their families and are shy when they meet new people or puppies. Having one of these beautiful furry members around would undoubtedly brighten your day.

More About This Breed​



The Bernese mountain dogs are said to have originated from Bern, Switzerland. They worked as farm dogs, driving the cattle to graze. They are one of the ancient breeds that are believed to have been brought by the Romans. 

Their breed has always been known for strength, smartness, and loyalty towards their owners. 

With modern farming in use, the dogs started to become obsolete. They were bred again in 1907 by European breeders, and they hence turned out to be one of the most docile breeds of dogs.

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  • These affectionate dogs are very gentle, calm, and intelligent. They are one of the most cautious and alert breeds. 
  • Bernese are capable of a lot of tolerance. 
  • They love being around their families and thrive on being a part of family activities. They would love to run around you when you take them for a picnic and let them explore. 
  • Their large size makes them easy to train, and they are naturally very active. 
  • Because of the large size, Bernese are slow to mature. Similarly, their mental maturity flourishes late compared to other dogs. 
  • They are very protective of their families but aren’t necessarily aggressive. They are shy by nature and can act aloof when they see strangers. 
  • Their temperament can be kept playful and loving when trained well.

Common Health Problems

The Bernese mountain dogs have a slight genetic lineage and hence are prone to diseases. There are several reasons regarding the health issues of this breed, among which some remain undiscovered. 

Berners have a shorter lifespan than other breeds because of their health issues. Here are some common diseases the large furry canines are prone to:

  • Cancer
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Elbow Dysplasia:
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) 
  • Portosystemic Shunt (PSS)
  • Von Willebrand’s Disease
  • Panosteitis
  • Gastric Torsion
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Your vet must formulae the diet for the Bernese mountain dogs according to their exercise needs. Rather than doing it yourself, it is better to consult a pet nutritionist to set a proportion for the food for your dog. 

Their diet keeps changing from time to time. Because these canines are prone to diseases, they need food with the highest nutritional values.

Coat Color and Grooming ​

Berners have one of the most beautiful coats. These dogs are fluffy and gorgeous looking with a thick and long outer coat and a warm, wooly inner coat. 

Their body is usually covered with jet black hair and rust and white fur coats. They have a white marking on the chest as a standard patch along with the tip of their tail. 

They shed a lot during spring and fall. Hence, Berners should be brushed several times a day. They must be bathed with good quality shampoo and dried nicely.

Exercise Needs

Every dog is very active, and they love to play around. Since most dogs have a history of being used for security and watchdogs, they are filled with energy hereditarily. 

It is hence vital for them to work out. They need a minimum of thirty minutes of activity. The reason behind this is Bernese is a working dog, and therefore, they are filled with energy. Hence, they need vigorous exercise daily.

If they could get the session three times a day, they can be kept in the best of their health. If adequate training time is not provided, their behavior becomes destructive, and they resort to being annoying.