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Affordable grooming shears

Affordable Grooming Shears for Dog

Grooming your dog at home can be challenging, but backing yourself up with quiet, powerful, and affordable grooming shears can make the process fun for you and your dog. Using dog grooming shears on  your own not only saves costs but can also keep your nervous dog calm. 

But how do you know which shear is good for your dog? Don’t panic, I have deeply researched the grooming shears available in the market and prepared a guide for you to have an idea about the best & affordable grooming shears.

Shears buying guide: Things to consider

You and your dog would be happiest when you can easily trim their hair without taking much time. So, before investing in the set of shears, consider the following points.

Corded VS Cordless: Corded clippers can beat cordless ones in the matter of power & reliability. However, it is said to use cordless clippers that can also be used when plugged in to get the most effective result.

Running & Charging Time: It is also important to note the runtime of the clipper till it needs to be recharged. Go for the one whose battery will last longer, especially when you have more than one dog. Also, consider the amount of time it takes to be fully charged.

Speed & Power: A high-powered motor with fast-moving blades can reduce the risk of hair-pulling and injury. Clippers with multiple speed options give the best results- slow speed for precision in sensitive areas & faster speed for moving smoothly through coats.

Cost: when choosing clippers, do not get bothered if you see a slightly high price. Higher price means the product will last longer and will give better results.

Overheating: Even the greatest pair of clippers is not worth it if they get overheated before trimming. Look for the ones that can easily get your job done before heating.

Affordable grooming shears for dogs

Choosing the best pair of shears is so important. The right shear will make the grooming process smoother and easier, help you give your dog an attractive haircut, and most importantly, they will reduce the chance of hurting your furry buddy. 

At a glance: Our top picks for dog grooming shears

  1. Verceys dog grooming shears:
  • Simple and light in weight
  • Stamped blade
  • Sharp and smooth
  • Durable, functional and strong
  1. Purple Dragon Grooming Shear:
  • Convex edge
  • 7.0 inches in length
  • Permanent finger rest
  • Comes with a proper hair cutting set
  1. Pets empire dog grooming shears:
  • Rubberized non-slip handle design
  • Forged steel
  • Removable finger rests
  • Convex edge

Curved scissors for dog grooming

Curved grooming shears are much more comfortable to use and give a smooth finish. Have a look at the curved grooming shears we have mentioned below:

  1. Hashimoto Curved Scissors for Dog Grooming:
  • Light in weight
  • Sharp and sturdy
  • Easy to use
  1. Wowobjects® 7 Inch Curved Pet Grooming Scissors Professional Shears Barber Using for Dogs
  • Made up of Stainless steel
  • Is hard and durable
  • 7 inches in length

How to choose affordable pet grooming shears?

Keep reading to find out how to get the most out of your purchase.

  1. Decide which type of shear you want: Dog grooming shears come in a series of different types that correspond to each pet’s specific coat, body shape, and need for the cut. So, the first thing that you should do is narrow down your list to the kind of shear you want.
  2. Pick the most effective edge for your needs: The next step is to choose which blade would suit best for grooming your dog. Usually, there are two types of blades- one which is easy to use, and the other which gives the accurate cut.
  3. Comfortable & Lightweight: Make sure that your shears are light in weight & comfortable to hold while using. You definitely would not want to get a sore wrist while trimming your pup at an awkward angle.
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Finding the right grooming shear for your dog might be challenging especially when you are doing it for the first time. There are so many features to consider, and it may become hard for you to tell which are most important.

But now that you have the perfect guide to find affordable grooming shears, I hope you will give your dog the best haircut with ease in a short time.

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